Personal Training

Britfit Personal Training and Coaching is based in Holly Springs, NC. Jackie Miller, owner, has worked in the fitness industry for 17 years and has a wide range of experience.

From working with seniors, helping them with strength and balance to high level endurance athletes wanting to achieve a personal best in their next event. Her methods of training are safe and effective and geared to suit your current needs and goals.

Sessions can be given at a location best suited for you. That includes access to local Community Centers (Holly Springs), private fitness studios, physical therapy centers, in-home training and even access to the areas swimming pools for her swim coaching skills, too. Scheduling is suited to your needs and we do our best to accommodate.

To make an appointment call Jackie at 919-818-7096

Jackie teaching a class for Team In Training group


One-on-one Sessions
You will work with Jackie Miller in the comfort of a one-on-one setting. At the initial meeting she can assess and evaluate your current lifestyle habits and fitness status.

From this first session Jackie will design a program that targets your needs based on the relevant information gathered. Various screens and tests may be performed to focus on your goals and needs. A mandatory health information screening will be done. You will be introduced to the appropriate entry level of your training plan. This will include some or all of the following depending upon your current needs: cardiovascular conditioning, stability/mobility needs, sport specific strength and flexibility training program.

Lifestyle habits will be addressed including ways to make healthier nutritional choices. It's up to you how often you want to meet with your trainer. Some meet weekly, some meet once every six to eight weeks to update the plan to avoid hitting training plateaus.

• General hourly rates are $60 unless extra travel time is needed.

Small group sessions
Sharing the hour with a few others can be a good option for some and can make for a higher visit frequency. This small group setting is still just personal enough to allow you to workout safely under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer.

• Hourly session rates are $30 each for a group of three or more participants.

• Share the hour for the rate of $35 each.

• Rates may vary for programs at the Hunt Community Center . Call 919-8181-7096 for information on classes.

Stability Ball Classes
Britfit has been teaching this class for over three years to local government departments. It is a long term favorite for all populations, male and female. It is a fun class providing instruction on ways to improve posture, balance, and flexibility, even cardiovascular gains. You bring your own ball to class and your trainer provides you with an effective, fun filled one hour session.

• Rates vary depending upon number of sessions and location. Call to 919-818-7096 to enquire about setting up your own class for your employees or co-workers at your work place.

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