In 2006, I crashed my bike and suffered a severe AC separation. After a few boring months of healing and rehab, my shoulder felt back to normal. What I didn’t realize was that months of having my right arm and shoulder immobilized had created significant strength imbalances between the left and right sides of my body.

For the first time in my life, I began to suffer from nagging injuries: a groin strain, tight hip flexors, plantar fasciitis, and constant knotted back muscles. I had to cancel several races due to the annoying injuries, wasted a lot of money on physical therapy that didn’t help, and was extremely disappointed when the groin strain caused me to have to cancel a climbing trip to Alaska’s Mount McKinley.

I knew Jackie because she had done an awesome job coaching me as I prepared for a Half Ironman back in 2005. I remembered her telling me about the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), so I made an appointment to be tested. In less than 45 minutes, she identified several strength imbalances and gave me multiple exercises that would correct the imbalances. I performed the exercises as Jackie instructed, and, over the course of the next few months, the nagging injuries disappeared.

For the first time in several years, injuries weren’t disrupting my training, and I was able to refocus on my goal of Mt. McKinley. Thanks to a solid and balanced strength foundation I had built, I was able to train harder than ever and remain injury free. In May of 2009, I finally made it to the 20,320 ft. summit of Mt. McKinley. Obviously, I highly recommend Jackie and FMS to anyone who suffers from chronic injuries. FMS allowed me to identify my weaknesses, fix them, and avoid having preventable injuries derail my training.

Ed Roberson
Raleigh, NC

In 2009, I embarked on a 2 Ironman journey after having only done one IM previously in 2008. I was a bit nervous about tackling such a feat, and Jackie was very instrumental in my success. She put together a great training plan for me, had great confidence in me (even when I didn’t in myself!) and in the end, I was able to PR at Ironman Florida by almost 2 hours!

While I still want to go faster, I know that without Jackie’s help, there’s no way I could have eliminated that much time from my IM time. I think she brings something that a lot of coaches don’t portray: caring…….she really does care whether or not I succeed and am happy with my performance. Other coaches can write a plan for you and have you do the mileage, but I get the sense sometimes that they forget that I am a human being on the other side of the email they just sent! If your hesitating about using Jackie, quit looking for alternatives and just sign up already! What are you waiting for????


Bob Willix, Raleigh, NC

I was fortunate enough to hear Jackie give a talk on Ironman nutrition and planning a few years ago, and the one thing that impressed me even more than her experience was her positive attitude towards the sport and her clients.   I was able to hire her in preparation for my Lake Placid Ironman in 2008 and was very impressed with her attention to every detail of my plan.

I had a few trial races where I thought I’d “do it my way” instead of her outlined plan for my race, and both times it was a disaster! Both of those ½ Ironman’s taught me to just trust her and follow the plan.   I did that and was able to complete Lake Placid as my first Ironman, knowing that Jackie was routing for me the whole way.

It means a lot to have a coach that has not only a positive outlook on your training plan, but also towards life in general.

Thanks for your help Jackie. You were a blessing and I’m looking forward to my Ironman Lake Placid in 2009!

Bob Willix, Raleigh, NC

I’m not a natural athlete. I didn’t swim or bike in college, and the closest that I came to organized sports in high school were the Science Olympics. But I discovered late in life (not too late!) that a healthy lifestyle made me feel good and will probably help me to live longer. At very least, it’s cheaper than an angioplasty.

What I love about working with Jackie is that she works with ME.
I have a job with ridiculously long hours and responsibilities, and a home life that’s incredibly important for my wife and I.
Jackie has crafted a program that works with my other commitments, and still lets me achieve my athletic goals.
And she does all of this 3000 miles away from me (I live in Portland Oregon, she’s in North Carolina)!
Even across three time zones, she has a remarkable way of conveying her amazing energy and attitude.
She’s inspirational and has motivated me to accomplish more athletically than I had ever imagined!

Without hesitation I’d recommend Jackie Miller to anyone looking to optimize their personal health and fitness goals.

Steve Chui
M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine,
Oregon Health and Science University, Ironman Finisher

I started using BritFit in April of 2007, prior to that I was doing a lot of training on my own.  I was successful at this method but couldn’t get over the proverbial hump.  When I started working with Jackie of Britfit, she designed a training regiment based on my goals.  She explained the importance of cardio training in my correct heart rate zone, different weight training techniques and guidance on my diet.

I’m happy to say that I will be participating in my first half marathon in September and doing a the MS Bike Tour.   Without Jackie, these goals would have been out of my reach.  I look forward in continuing my program with Jackie and obtaining new/bigger goals!

Dominic Shedrick

I have been taking the core fitness class with Jackie Miller (BritFit) for about one and one half years and am pleased to report that my body not only looks better (more toned), but that I also feel tremendously better. I feel better in my clothes, I have more energy, I am able to lift heavy objects without injury, I feel happier and more positive (released endorphins), I feel younger, and I am proud of the hard work I have done. My core health was an issue and I had back surgery for a herniated disk a few years ago; however, today I enjoy much improved health and a level of fitness that I did not know I could achieve. I look forward to class days. Thanks, Jackie!

Cecelia M. Farrell, SPHR
Employee Relations Manager
Wake County Government

In October, 2004 I decided to take early retirement. In a few weeks, I knew I had a do something to manage my recent weight gain.

I didn’t know anything about becoming physically fit. It was then I made a decision to contact Jackie Miller, personal trainer of Britfit Personal Training in Holly Springs, North Carolina. After an initial health and fitness session, I measured out at 21.6% body fat.
With encouragement and proper knowledge of fitness equipment and technique, along with daily diet considerations, Jackie placed me on a monthly fitness regiment involving cardio and weight exercises.
In eighteen months I lost 10 pounds of fat weight and reduced my body fat to 17.1% while streamlining lean mass. With only four one-hour workout sessions per week, I presently rank at 85% of the best I can be.

Jackie Miller of Britfit Personal Training was the professional behind my weight loss and fitness success. I highly recommend her for helping anyone to achieve their fitness goals.

Joel A. Williams, Holly Springs, N.C.

My name is Michele Arthur and I met Jackie Miller at the 5k race in Holly Springs. I signed up to receive personal training with the goal of losing weight, getting in better physical shape and just feeling good. I am happy to say that now I don’t have to make frequent visits to the chiropractor, I have reduced my body fat and lost 5 lbs and a total of 9 inches. I am very proud of the results I have seen from working with Jackie and look forward to arriving at my ultimate goal of losing another 10 lbs and running a 10k race. I feel with Jackie’s help and coaching I will definitely reach my goal.


A few months prior to my last birthday I decided to take on the challenge of running a half marathon. I had never run over two miles at one time and that was in high school. The good news was I knew whom to contact. Jackie was wonderful. On the first visit she assessed my current fitness level and went through my goals. Then she returned with a specialized plan for my specific needs. I knew I was on the right track. With her extensive training background, she was able to answer all my questions along the way. In fact, she even kept me from several pitfalls that surely would have hindered my progress. Along with Jackie’s encouragement and guidance I accomplished my goals and more.

I ran the entire marathon and did it much faster than my desired time. Along the way, I reduced my body fat by more than two percent. You can be sure that Jackie will be working with me as I set my next round of goals. I know that regardless of the kind of physical challenge I want to take on next she will help me get there.

Dr. Randall Adamson
Holly Springs Chiropractic

Dear Jackie:

I am writing to thank you for helping me exceed my fitness goals last season!! You really inspired me to take my fitness level to a higher status, by detailing workouts for my triathlons.

Although I have been in the fitness profession for many years, including being a certified personal trainer, I needed your help with a safe, sound, logical workout schedule. Your attention to my form and technique truly enabled me to become stronger and more confident in my triathlon and marathon abilities.

I appreciate your constant attention and follow through during the course of my training. It was not important that I meet with you on a consistent basis, due to my particular goals and my fitness background, but you were (and are) always willing to work with me. The fact that you emailed and called me to check on my progress really means that you CARE about me and how am I doing with my goals. The monthly workout schedule is great and easy to follow—very thorough. It is commendable, too, that you stay current with your certifications and continue to stay up-to-date with the fitness world.

It has been so nice to have a coach who really listens and creates a schedule based on MY goals!

Last, I thank you for your friendly motivation and ability to push me past my limit because you know I can. You have a very good way of pushing people without being harsh or degrading. Your unselfishness and dedication to your work is so apparent just by your personality. Whenever I train with you, I know that you are not comparing me to others, as most individuals do, and you take the time to really emphasize my strengths. Not many people can claim this way of teaching.

I learned so much and that is why I will continue to work with you and to refer others to you.

Your bubbly, positive, professional attitude truly makes this grueling training worthwhile!

Best regards,